4 Interesting Facts You May Not Have Known About Chevrolet

August 9th, 2018 by

Chevrolet has been a major factor in the American automotive industry for more than a century, delivering stylish, reliable, and affordable cars to its customers located across the nation. Although it has been around for years, there are still several things about the company that many people don’t know. Check out these fun facts about Chevrolet.

Bow Tie Emblem

In the early days of the company, Chevrolet released a bow tie emblem. When William C. Durant, the founder of GM and well-known industrialist, started the company, rumor had it that he had stayed at a hotel in Paris where the wallpaper featured a similar pattern. Durant started to draw different versions of a bow tie emblem for the company, one of which stuck. The emblem first appeared in 1913 and has continued to grace Chevy models over the past century.

Sport Roadster

The first model released by Chevrolet was the Classic Six. This vehicle came out in 1913, showcasing a four-door touring style with more power than many of the vehicles available at that time. However, the powerful engine and stylish appearance made it more expensive than other models as well, so it wasn’t very successful. The first model sold for $2,152, which is equivalent to nearly $55,000 in 2018.

Nearly 20 years later, Chevrolet released the Sport Roadster. This model had a price of $445 and a visual design that looked similar to the luxurious Cadillac from GM. The year the Sport Roadster came out, 1932, Chevrolet earned recognition in the U.S. as the Brand of the Year. Many car enthusiasts believe that this vehicle is one of the best models ever made by Chevrolet.

Legendary Small-Block Engine

Chevrolet hit some hard times during World War II, as did most American automotive manufacturers. Production of automobiles was mobilized for military use, resulting in the discontinuance of production of vehicles for civilians in 1942. Chevrolet did contribute to the military efforts and was able to return to normal production after the war ended.

In 1955, it produced a legendary new engine, the Chevy V-8. This powerful small-block engine became the most successful in the history of the company. When used with the dual exhaust manifold, the V-8 engine could produce between 162 and 180 horsepower. These numbers were unheard of at the time, helping to push Chevrolet to the forefront of power and performance.

Impress Fuel Economy

Before hybrid and electric cars were even a thought, Chevrolet was leading the way in terms of efficiency. In 1982, the company released the S-10, a compact pickup truck that could return 39 miles per gallon. Since then, the model has been renamed several times. It has been known as the S-15, GMC Sonoma, Colorado, and GMC Canyon.

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