4 Must Visit Restaurants in Raleigh, North Carolina

July 12th, 2018 by

Whether you prefer classic American cuisine or foreign or regional specialties, you’re sure to find something to love in the vibrant dining scene of Raleigh, North Carolina. We’ve put together this short list of a few of our favorite restaurants to help you get started.

  1. Saint Jacques French Cuisine

  2. Find out for yourself why French cuisine is synonymous with fine dining. This popular restaurant cooperates with local farmers to ensure that it always has the freshest ingredients, but its recipes are straight from the kitchens of Paris.

    Start your meal with a goat cheese baguette before moving on to a pan-seared catch of the day or sea scallops served with bacon and mushrooms. One of the best dishes at Saint Jacques is undoubtedly its braised duck, infused with an orange sauce and served with Yukon potatoes, vegetables, and mushrooms. Naturally, Saint Jacques also has an extensive wine list.

  3. The Cowfish

  4. You might be wondering what kind of restaurant would be called the Cowfish. The answer is simpler than you might think — this Raleigh eatery is famous for its unusual combination of gourmet burgers and sushi rolls.

    While The Cowfish has five different locations, the Raleigh restaurant has its own menu. Some of its best burgers include the Lamb Vindaloo Burger, inspired by Indian cuisine, as well as the Local Yokel, which comes with goat cheese, basil, and cherry peppers. When it comes to sushi, you can select from a large menu of classic rolls, such as spicy yellowtail, rainbow, spider crab, and California. There are also plenty of specialty sushi options available.

  5. Brewery Bhavana

  6. Experience a truly unique dining sensation at Brewery Bhavana. The restaurant has 40 different beers on tap, including 10 that are brewed privately by the owners. There’s also a tremendous variety of meals to enjoy. The restaurant specializes in dim sum offerings based on cuisine from Laos. Examples include scallion pancakes, crispy pig ears, ginger dumplings, duck egg rolls, chicken curries, and crab rangoons.

    But one of the restaurant’s most memorable elements is not its beer or food — Brewery Bhavana also has a retail shop that’s more than halfway to a library. You can peruse books about art, design, and poetry before or after your delicious meal.

  7. Big Ed’s City Market Restaurant

  8. Classic Southern food is the name of the game at Big Ed’s, where you can enjoy a casual breakfast or lunch. Breakfast items include cooked-to-order eggs with toast or buttermilk biscuits, as well as Southern staples like fried catfish or fresh sausage.

    For lunch, consider one of Big Ed’s sandwiches. The restaurant uses its homemade biscuits as the basis for these delicious concoctions; each biscuit is stuffed with your choice of filling. Possible options include ham, sausage, bologna, pork tenderloin, egg, catfish, and cheese. If you’re in the mood for something simple, the deluxe hamburger or deluxe cheeseburger both make for a filling meal.

    You certainly won’t have any lack of choice when it comes to restaurants in Raleigh, as these four options are just the tip of the iceberg.

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