5 Innovative Safety Features From Chevrolet

October 18th, 2018 by

Safety continues to be one of the biggest concerns when developing new vehicles. Many companies have stepped away from trying to build safer cars and moved toward creating systems that make all cars safer. Active safety systems and driver-assist systems make driving safer by allowing your car to play an active part in safe driving. If you are looking for a new vehicle, here is a look at five innovative safety features from Chevrolet.

2019-Chevrolet interior safety

  1. Teen Driver Technology

  2. Chevy is the only company to create a control system with parental controls that go in nearly all of its vehicles. With teen driver technology, parents can set specific parameters to help guide young drivers. This includes setting speed warnings and disabling features until seatbelts are fastened. It also creates driving reports so that you can check up on your learning driver.

  3. Smart Device Connectivity

  4. Smart devices offer a lot of useful features but using one while driving is dangerous. That’s why Chevy supports multiple connectivity options to make it much safer. You can use a smart device with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, or Bluetooth. This allows you to access many of the apps that you need through your Chevy’s control interface rather than holding the smart device. Most of the controls can be used without looking away from the road as well.

  5. Lane Keep Assist

  6. Lane Keep Assist helps you stay in your lane and avoid accidents. Essentially, it watches where you are driving and warns you if you are drifting too far in your lane. It can also adjust your steering wheel a bit to help keep your car in your lane. Lane Keep Assist is really useful for long drives where there is a chance that you might get tired and dazed while driving.

  7. Rear Cross Traffic Alert

  8. Another useful safety feature is the Rear Cross Traffic Alert system. It uses a backup camera to watch behind your vehicle. If it senses motion or an object behind you, it warns you so that you can stop and avoid it.

  9. Low-Speed Automatic Braking

  10. In some cases, missing little details can result in an accident. While we try to see everything in front of us things get in the way. Fortunately, the Low-Speed Automatic Braking system can help you respond to hazards. At low enough speeds, it is able to stop your car when it senses an accident is imminent. In a lot of cases, that is enough to avoid an accident. In other cases, it can drastically lower the damage of a collision because it can slow your car down before the impact. Either way, it makes driving safer.

    Chevy is continuing to build new and better safety systems that will be installed on all of its new vehicles. If you are worried about safety, you may want to check out the newest Chevy models. They get strong safety ratings and come with many of the best safety features. Visit Hubert Vester Chevrolet to see what new vehicles and safety features Chevy has to offer.