Make the 2018 Chevrolet Silverado Yours with these 3 Customizations

December 27th, 2018 by

There’s nothing more personal than choosing your vehicle. It’s going to be with you for the next eight to 10 years or more, so making it your own is a big deal. Sometimes the best way to make a new car or truck your own is to choose the custom options that help the vehicle serve you better. Here are some of the best ways to customize your 2018 Chevy Silverado.

2019 Chevrolet Silverado

  1. Select the Right Trim Level

  2. First and foremost, selecting the right trim level is the best place to start. The 2018 Silverado has eight trim levels to choose from. The base trim for the 2018 Silverado is the WT. It comes available in 10 colors, two engine configurations, and rear- or four-wheel-drive. The LS trim is the next level up and keeps the same selection of colors, engines, and drivetrains as the previous trim. The Silverado Custom only comes in four distinct colors but keeps the same engine and drivetrain choices as the previous two trims.

    The LT w/1LT has the most color choices of all trim levels with 12. The LT w/2LT and LTZ w/1LZ trim levels have eight or nine available colors depending on cab configurations. The LTZ w/2LZ comes in either eight, nine, or 10 colors. Lastly, the High Country trim level has six color choices across the board regardless of cab configuration. All the higher trim levels have the same drivetrain options and more engine options.

  3. Engine Configurations On the 2018 Silverado

  4. There are multiple engine layouts to choose from on the 2018 Silverado. The first is a 285 horsepower 4.3-liter V-6 engine. It produces an impressive 306 pound-feet of torque, so it’s plenty capable of towing a fair amount of weight. Those looking for even more towing power will want to opt for the 5.3-liter V-8 or 6.2-liter V-8 engines, which produce 355 or 420 horsepower respectively. The 5.3-liter option can tow up to 11,000 pounds, and the 6.2-liter engine can tow the most with 12,500 pounds.

  5. Choose Your Cab Configuration

  6. After you’ve chosen the right trim level and engine configuration, it’s time to select the right cab configuration. There are plenty of cabs to choose from. The regular cab comes with either an 8-foot or 6.6-foot box. The Silverado’s double cab option is only available with the 6.6-foot box. Opting for the crew cab will give you the choice between a 5.75-foot box or the 6.6-foot box.

  7. Decide On Optional Features

  8. The 2018 Silverado includes a wide range of optional add-ons to complete your customization. Each trim level includes different available features, so make sure to check if your trim level can apply the add-ons. Power running boards and retractable side steps are a few of the options available at higher trim levels. The lower trim levels can add optional tow hooks, but the higher trim levels include them as standard features.

    The next time you’re shopping for a new truck, make sure you check out the 2018 Silverado. Its wide range of customizability makes it the perfect truck for just about anyone. You can see our available inventory here or come in for a test drive.