Reasons to Finance Your Chevrolet Directly with Us

August 23rd, 2018 by

Financing a vehicle purchase is a common practice, but you may wonder whether it’s a better option to finance through your bank or consider using the financing option at the Chevrolet dealer. If you’re in this boat, check out the benefits of financing directly with Chevrolet.

Access to More Options

One of the main reasons to consider financing through the Chevrolet dealership is the access to additional options. When you visit your bank or credit union, the financial professionals there can only give you so many options. However, a dealership has connections throughout the automotive industry. As a result, you may be able to get a lower interest rate and a lower monthly payment by going this route.

Dealership financing departments are incentivized to keep their loans in-house because the financial institutions will typically offer a small percentage back in return. Therefore, when you shop at a Chevy dealership, you may find that they can offer you more than what you’re being offered at your own bank, even if you have an established relationship with that lender.

Compare All Figures

It’s tempting to simply go with the loan that offers the lowest interest rate, but this may not actually be the best option. Make sure to compare all the figures on the estimate instead of sticking to one aspect of the terms. You might qualify for a lower interest rate if you can make a higher down payment, but for some buyers, that isn’t an option. The last thing you want to do is get into a situation that you can’t afford because you didn’t fully understand the terms of the agreement. Look at the down payment required, interest rate, and length of the loan.

Simplified Process

Another benefit of arranging for financing through the dealership is that it offers a simpler experience. As you shop the new or pre-owned Chevy models, you can find out instantly how much you’ll qualify for while you’re at the dealership. You won’t have to make a separate trip to the bank to get a pre-qualification letter or return to the bank when it’s time to get the check to pay for the vehicle. Instead, all paperwork and credit checks will be handled through a single location.

Added Benefits

The dealership also has access to discounts and offers directly from Chevrolet. If you finance through its in-house financing department, you may qualify for a free upgrade or a zero percent interest rate that a bank simply won’t be able to match. The automotive manufacturer also offers a variety of discounts, rebates, and special offers to its valued and loyal clients. Talk to your sales representative when you’re shopping for your car to find out what you might be able to get as part of the purchase process.

With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why many Chevrolet buyers decide to finance through the dealership. At Hubert Vester Chevrolet, we offer a variety of financing options that help you get the arrangement that works with your financial situation. Visit our location today to learn more.